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Built with Intentions to Prosper

Over the past five decades, SRK Architects has grown and evolved as a leading multidisciplinary architectural firm in Southern California. While we specialize in a limited number of project types, SRK's diversity of staff and experience can be advantageously applied to many building types.

Abstract Ceiling

“We became interested in Brian Kite and SRK’s 's work when we met at an outreach event and saw their impressive project work several years ago.  We have worked together and fostered each other’s pursuits in Master Planning and project design consistently since our meeting. From the very first meeting we knew our individual strengths would complement each other, and that has proven to be true after spending several years working alongside Brian and his talented staff. Brian and the SRK team bring the vision to reality. Everyone at SRK is extremely resourceful, responsive, and collaborative.  Brian especially is deliberate and thoughtful, and we have appropriate attention whenever we meet with him.  In today’s world Brian is truly a man of his word and operates with honesty and integrity.”

Lynn Capouya_Headshot.jpg

Lynn Capouya, ASLA, ISA, LEED

President  |  949-756-0150 Ext. 201

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